Blog — L. E. Vancil

Marketing my works as an independent author is scary and tedious, exciting and boring --mostly boring--, and an all around pain in the ass.  I like talking to readers about the story, the characters, the situations, the tedium of putting the people who drop their tales on my keyboard onto the electronic paper that is the word wide web.

Finding people to talk to or converse with seems to be an exercise akin to waving a red flag and screaming "Lookatme!!!!"  Three possibilities there.  They ignore you, -- most of the time; they love you -- congratulations two minutes of internet fame; the Internet Trolls scurry, slither, run, slide, stumble, glide, wriggle, or crawl over and try to tear you down so that they can feel better about their wasted lives. 

I like to think that my writing entertained, amused, or at least made a reader think.  Think about what? That's the question, isn't it?