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My Book Viral review:

From BookViral

"A conceptually impressive, high octane thriller, Radioactive by author Lloyd Vancil may be a work of fiction but it gives us characters and situations that have uncanny real-life parallels.  As readers, we are tragically familiar with the aftermath of terrorism and on a visceral level he taps into our inner most fears to deliver a gripping and pulse pounding narrative which keeps us on edge. The suspense feels familiar, yet there's a fullness of understanding that sets it apart. Thrillers about terrorism typically involve a linear story, but Radioactive has a life and logic of its own that in no small part is down to Vancil's meticulous research. The plotting is tightly wound, but rather than get bogged down in laboriously explicated motives Fosters character takes us through a kinetic series of escalating events that give us just enough to figure out what's going to happen next whilst taking us to the next level. He has a certain offhand appeal which makes him particularly endearing whilst his guilt and anger bring the real life ongoing war against terrorism into chilling perspective. 
The bottom line is that Radioactive is one hell of a thriller and a must read for fans of this ever popular genre. It is recommended without reservation."