We are all frogs in a pot.

Capitalist, Marxist, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Anarchist, Conservative, and Socialist are all labels that have less and less utility as they are used more and more as derisive terms to define an imaginary difference between the people in this country. The labels provide an easy place to hang the fear our so-called leaders spew to control our actions. We are all frogs in the same pot. We croak at each other while the water is coming to a boil around us. We have the ability to get out of the pot, but no reason to when it is so much fun to croak nonsense at our neighbors.

Some people are happy where they are. Out of ignorance or selfishness, they don't care about anyone else. They especially don't care about their neighbors who are struggling to provide the physical needs of shelter, food, and safety for their families. The uncaring have accepted the idea that their position in life makes them better and more deserving than those who are struggling. Indeed, they are told by the media, their spiritual leaders and their leaders that the struggle, the deprivation, that their neighbors are going through is a "right of passage", a trial to determine worth. If they survive a period of difficulty then they are worthy to enter the club. What that attitude does not see is that the water is getting hotter for all of us. The struggle is harder for our children than it was for us. What kind of parents and neighbors are we?

A representative democratic republic, the definition of our country, is owned by the people who select representatives in the hope that their representatives will follow their mandate. That mandate is based on one person one vote. That system, the very basic structure of our government, was stolen by Citizens United vs F.E.C That US Supreme court decision allowed the wealthiest of us and their corporations to buy political zombies in place of the representatives we should have elected.

The zombies are so hungry for the money they need to keep themselves in power that they will do anything and say anything to get their hands on more.

If we want a government that represents and respects us then we must overturn that shortsighted decision made by the US Supreme Court. If we want our country to be a place where dreams are possible then we have to get out of the pot, stop croaking nonsense at each other, and help those that need our help.