Contest entry "Panic Room"

I just shoved a story titled Panic room out to DragonRocketship's Hex Support contest.  I seems a good fit for my Quantum State Amplifier (QSA) world.  The premise there is that Einstein's "spooky action at a distance" is more truth than he realized.  What if spooks, haunts, goblins, ghosts, demons, and other things seen but unexplained were manifestations of "Quantum instability" ?   Some time in the recent past a scientist took "Hawking's equations" and created a nano-circuit called a Quantum State Amplifier that increases quantum instability and gives human minds the ability to alter quantum reality by simply believing they can.

The QSA allows your imagination to alter the quantum state of the world to conform to your imagination.  Quantum state becomes reality. The result, in my imagination, is that the general agreement on certain memes makes those memes work.  It's sort of a combination of "everybody knows" and force of personality.  For example: if the marketing material says the QSA enables mind to mind communication, enough people believe it and sure-enough telepathy becomes real and easy.  An individual believes that a QSA allows him to command computers to his will, the QSA grants that ability within the limits of his belief.  —Your milage may vary—  

In "Panic Room" the QSA is used by the San Fransisco PD to communicate without the use of radios or phones.  It allows creation of designs called Hexxes that, empowered by a QSA during their creation, can have certain effects based on the strong belief of the creator.    By general "agreement" ghosts are real and sane, members of the public with rights; radio dispatch is replaced by telepathic dispatch; and the other psychic abilities are possible in some degree.  But the world is in constant flux because of the strong beliefs of some people.

If the person with a QSA believes in their ability to magically affect the world, the QSA amplifies the fledgling ability and thus, reinforces and amplifies it.  Things get interesting.