Mommy likes it.

My Mother.  A woman of discriminating tastes, likes the book.  She said she likes Mitchell and she thought the ending was right.  She is biased, but she also has good sense, common sense, we called it?  She taught us to think carefully about the ways of the world around us.  

If I can write something that entertains a woman who reads constantly and taught all of her children to read for learning and entertainment, then I think I've succeeded in writing something that I can be proud of.  

Mom did not finish High School and because of that she felt she missed something.  She felt it was important to educate her children and imparted the wonder of imagination and knowledge seeking to us.  When I was in the "Why" stage that every child goes through, Mom had the wisdom to say "I don't know. Let's find out."  She purchased a copy of the World Book Encyclopedia and the companion Childcraft Books How & Why Library Series to answer those Let's find out questions.  I spent hours and hours browsing through those volumes because she hooked me up with them.  She put a couple of Golden Nature Guide "Birds A guide to the most familiar American Birds" and "Insects a guide to familiar American Insects" in my hands.  In those two books and the five acres of Illinois country side I had to explore, I was amazed, entertained, and educated.  Ive never really grown out of that "why" stage.  

Thanks, Mom for everything you have done for me.

Love ya.